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Ready to be treated with respect and given the tools you need to really grow your real estate business?

Why should you join the Pointe3 team?

We’re not your typical real estate brokerage. We take a personalized approach to our business, and make it our mission to help each individual broker achieve the success they are capable of.

In the 20+ years we’ve been servicing the real estate market, we’ve created a very strong and successful team of brokers in Seattle, Tacoma and Portland.

From our personalized mentorship and business development training programs to our lead-generating tools and services, Pointe3 has created a platform for success that is unlike any other brokerage in the Northwest.


If you have a positive, customer service-focused attitude with high ethics and integrity, are independent and flexible but able to work well within a team, and have strong, sales-focused communication skills and a passion for success, then you could be a great fit for our team.

If you’re ready to be treated with respect and given the tools you need to really grow your real estate business, then we look forward to meeting you!

What our agents have to say about Pointe3:

  • “I chose to hang my license with Pointe3 because their reputation is unmatched. I particularly love their full-service approach and that I can tailor that to fit my clients' needs.” Chelsey Ryskalczyk, Broker
  • “I love the local, and supportive community that Pointe3 offers.” Olivia Watts, Broker / UrbanAsh Team
  • “I love that Pointe3 is a boutique/independent brokerage that offers both sales and leasing. It's great to be able to specialize in both of those aspects of homeownership.” Jenni Moreno, Managing Broker / UrbanAsh Team
  • “I instantly felt that Pointe3 thrives on the teamwork, professionalism and integrity expected in this industry. I feel our clients benefit from the culture Pointe3 has worked hard to develop.” Joseph Richard, Broker (WA) / Relocation Specialist (AZ)
  • “I enjoy the teamwork and dedication everyone has towards the focus of our clients. ” Trevor O’Dell, Senior Broker
  • “I was honored to join Pointe3 because I believe in their strong emphasis on teamwork and exceptional client service.” Michael Hughes,
  • “After realizing what an incredibly passionate and supportive atmosphere Pointe3 has created, I knew there was no better brokerage for me.” Kristel Dirkes, Director of Compliance & Accounting / Senior Broker Mentor
  • “ I'm grateful to be apart of Pointe3 due to their focus on professionalism, consistency and their philosophy towards teamwork. ” Ben Young, Senior Broker

What do we offer that’s different?

  • No big desk fees, and no hidden costs, and no nickel and diming.
  • An extensive mentorship program to help you quickly become an expert at every detail of real estate
  • An exclusive, personalized business development program to help you build your real estate business into what you want it to be
  • Coverage of a lot of your day to day expenses, like business cards, email marketing tools, a website, and more
  • The option to service our rental division, which helps you develop relationships with new corporate employees and the high-end investment property owners while providing additional income to your sales commissions
  • A strong and effective team approach to business, where we support and educate each other rather than compete with each other
  • Marketing and operations support staff to help with everything from sending out an email blast to hosting an event for your clients
Send us your resume and cover letter today. We look forward to meeting you!